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Kim Polling is one of the best judoka’s of the world in her weight category -70 kg. She is quadruple European Champion, quadruple World Judo Masters champion and she has been from 2013 to 2017 for four years the World Ranking Leader. After the 2016 Olympic Games Kim was unfortunate with injuries, but did hasn't stopped her from becoming in 2018 for the fourth time European Champion and to win in 2019 (after being absent for almost a year because of a back surgery) for the fourth time the World Judo Masters.


In this moment Kim is preparing to participate at her second Olympic Games. 


Olympic Games

Wednesday 28 July 2021 will be the fight day of Kim during the Olympic Games.

Saturday 31July 2021 Kim will also

compete during the mix-teams

(if the Netherlands will qualify)

Latest results

Grand Slam

25 October 2019

Abu Dhabi

Grand Prix

27 July 2019


World Masters

13 December 2019


Grand Slam

23 November 2019


Team Kimpioen

Team Kimpioen contains companies and persons who are supporting Kim during her judo career. Among others the next companies are team members of Team Kimpioen

Kröller Boom

Also you can become a member of Team Kimpioen. If you are interested or if you would like to receive more information, go to this page where you can request more information about Team Kimpioen.


In 2018 Kim became ambassador of this Dutch program for children. Schooljudo is an approved program by the International Judo Federation and wants to contribute to a better society throughout the world. Judo is a perfect sport to add social and educational skills to the youngsters, which will be passed on towards friends, family and local society. This way judo doesn't only contribute in physical way but also at the social and educational level.

"I can recommend every elementary school to start with Schooljudo. Not only because I know what judo could give to you, such as getting (more) self-confidence and develop yourself physically, but also because the interesting part about Schooljudo is that it is much more than just judo. Schooljudo can tie in with the (anti-bullying) policy that every primary school has and can be used as a supplement to let children develop socio-emotionally. 

Also interesting: through an elaborate and interactive learning line, in which even well-known Disney characters and videos are being used, the teacher can bring Schooljudo also into the classroom. All this together makes that I, as a judoka and as a primary school teacher, recommend Schooljudo." 

If you want to know more about Schooljudo you can visit their website:  www.schooljudo.nl

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