Team Kimpioen

Kim cannot become champion without the support of sponsors. That is why Team Kimpioen was created. Team Kimpioen contains companies and persons who are supporting Kim during her judo career. With their support it is possible for Kim to perform judo at high level.  All the results of Kim are because of this also the results of the companies and persons who are supporting Kim. And Kim is enormously grateful for this. 

Among others are the next companies a team member of Team Kimpioen

Kröller Boom
Become a member of Team Kimpioen!

Also you can become a member of Team Kimpioen. Via this contact form you can request more information about Team Kimpioen. Fill in your name or the name of your company, your e-mail adress and push the button "Send". You will receive as fast as possible a presentation with more information regarding Team Kimpioen

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