After almost a year of absence because of the hernia, Kim came back great by winning for the fourth time the World Masters and by winning the Grand Slam Abu Dhabi. Most of all winning the World Masters was an amazing preformance. 


Kim became this year for the fourth time European Champion, won the Grand Prix Tunis and also a bronze medal at the Grand Slam Paris. Immediately after the European Championships there was discovered that Kim had a hernia, for which in september she needed to undergo surgery. 


After a break of one year Kim returned to competition in september of this year and made a strong comeback. She won the Grand Prix The Hague, became Dutch Champion and won silver at the Grand Slam Abu Dhabi. During her year of absence Kim graduated from university and underwent surgery to her elbow and knee, 


Kim won this year the Grand Prix of Tbilisi and won for the third time the World Judo Masters. In August she was the big favourite to win the Olympic Games. Unfortunately the Games turned out in a disaster. Kim lost to the later Olympic Champion and because she lost before the quarterfinals, Kim had no right to repechage. 


After a difficult period Kim became this year for the third time European Champion and won at the same time the European Games. Also she won this year for the second time the World Judo Masters.


After getting an injury at the end of 2013 Kim came back by becoming for the second time European Champion and to win the Grand Slam of Baku and the Grand Slam of Tyumen.


This year became a dream year for Kim. By beating the Olympic Champion Lucie Decosse during the Paris Grand Slam, Kim was called to be the new Queen of the -70kg category. Kim won in 2013 six of the eight tournaments she participated in, won bronze at the World Championships and became this year the most successful judoka of the world. An amazing year. 

2007 - 2012

In the years before Kim broke through at the seniors, she was already among the top among the cadets and the juniors. She ended her period as junior by becoming Junior European and World Junior Champion and by winning in the same year already two World Cups with the seniors. The following year she won as a first-year senior the Universiade (the Olympic Games for students).

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